Natal Chart Consultations

An astrology reading is an intuitive look at the placement of planets in the sky at the moment of your birth, and an exploration of the symbolic narrative which is described there.


We'll discuss areas of potential talent and weakness, upcoming blessings and challenges, and potential methods of remediation, or ways to mitigate problems we can encounter.


This is an excellent way to generate clarity and understanding during turbulent times. 


Usually we will spend about an hour looking over your chart, and then with that as context, we'll ask a question to the Tarot for another 15 minutes or so. 


About 75 minutes, total.  

Newborn Chart Interpretation

A new baby is an open question to the world, full of potential and opportunity.


Using the principles of natal astrology, we can make some educated guesses about what talents s/he may grow into, and where in the path some of the biggest obstacles lie.


A written chart interpretation the child can go back to throughout life can be a helpful tool in contextualizing strongly emotional moments along the way.

Electional Astrology

At the beginning of any important venture, from starting a business to getting married, it can be extremely valuable to select

a launch date which favors success.


The heavens reflect earthly conditions, and their configuration describes the life which begins on that moment; to begin a significant event at a good astrological moment can push you toward a better outcome than ignoring the timing would.


Given an appropriate window of time, I can help you select the right  date to launch your website, say "I do," or move into a new home. Starting at the right time gives an extra edge to your project, and offers a better chance at success.